Writing Tools and Name Generators

The Story Shack maintains a growing collection of writing tools and name generators, suitable for each genre. This is the place to generate that next idea for a compelling story, character, or name for your next roleplaying adventure.

Writing Tools

Whether you’ve set yourself a daily writing challenge or are looking for ideas to get that next bestseller started, our writing tools will boost any project.

Writing Prompt Generator

Generate your next story idea with the writing prompt generator.

Character Personality Generator

Struggling with your next character? Then this is the tool for you.

Name Generators

Names for your next character, names for your newborn child, names for…you name it! Our name generators provide thousands of possibilities, so you don’t have to rack your brain anymore.

Character Name Generator

Generate character names for your next writing project.

Last Name Generator

Thousands of last names for you to pick. Optionally add first names.

First Name Generator

Find the perfect first and middle name.

Nickname Generator

Generate nicknames and discover more about your character's personality.

British Name Generator

Create random British names.

Dutch Name Generator

Generate authentic Dutch names.

Chinese Name Generator

Get English versions of Chinese names.

Japanese Name Generator

Create English versions of Japanese names.

French Name Generator

Discover authentic French names.

German Name Generator

A wide selection of random German names.

Italian Name Generator

Generate random Italian names with this tool.

Spanish Name Generator

Thousands of random Spanish names for your projects.

Russian Name Generator

Generate random Russian names.

City Name Generator

Generate names for your fictional city.

Fantasy Name Generators

This is for all you role-playing fans out there. Use our fantasy name generators to discover names for your superheroes, paladins, dragons and many more. We add new tools on a frequent basis, so be sure to check back often.

Superhero Name Generator

A superhero wouldn't be anywhere without a good name. This is where you'll find it.

Paladin Name Generator

Discover names befitting your holy knight. Do not delay, adventure awaits!

Pirate Name Generator

Generate pirate names and create your legend.

Pirate Ship Name Generator

Thousands of pirate ship names for your fearsome fleet.

Dragon Name Generator

Create fierce dragon names for your next roleplaying adventure.

D&D Name Generator

Generate millions of names for various Dungeons & Dragons races.

Human Name Generator

Generate names for your fantasy human.

Dwarf Name Generator

Discover your next Dwarf's name.

Elf Name Generator

Create names for your next Elf character.

Orc Name Generator

Create names for your Orc character.

Half-Elf Name Generator

Thousands of names for your next Half-Elf.

Gnome Name Generator

Create a name for your next Gnome character.