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Random Name Generators

The Story Shack maintains a growing collection of writing ideas and random name generators, suitable for each genre. This is the place to generate that next idea for a compelling story, character, or name for your next roleplaying game.

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Discover a wealth of random name generators and find awesome character names

Whether you need random character names for your next fantasy tale, the protagonist in your novel or even a real name for a child, The Story Shack can provide you with the perfect name for your use case. Each name generator on here will provide you with original names that you can use in any project you like, no strings attached. Naming options available range from thousands to millions, so it's highly unlikely that you'll run into a name that anyone else already uses.

How to find perfect name ideas for your project

Choose one of the name categories above or use the search function to filter the list of hundreds of random name generators directly on this page. As an example, you could type "character" to directly find the Character Name Generator,, "business" to find the Business Name Creator or try "fantasy" to immediately filter out all tools in the Fantasy Name Generators section of this site.

Once you generate names that you like, be sure to use the handy save and copy options. Each idea can be stored for later reference in your own storage chest, an account-free place to come back to your favorite names.

Discover a business name and potential brand names

The tools on The Story Shack can be used for much more than only character names. As an example, there's a dedicated business name generator that can give you thousands of ideas on how to call your company. If you're looking for a creative brand name, I can also help with that. The brand name generator provides you with an easy-click solution to get unique, brandable names. Use them as your actual end results or as ideas to kickstart a brainstorming session.

Use a random name picker to find perfect nicknames

A good use of the various kinds of name generators on this site is to find nicknames for yourself (perhaps you'd like to change your real name), your friends or your characters, either with the dedicated random nickname generator or any other kind that fits your use case. Perhaps this is not for you, but rather for your WoW or ESO character, in which case you could try some of the dedicated online name generators for games on this site.

Easily find a name for your baby

Many parents (I'm one myself) know this: your baby is on the way and you and your partner just cannot decide on a fitting name. Most baby name sites are pretty tedious to use and have you spending hours just clicking through pages and pages of results. Why not make it easy? The baby name generator offers a wide range of male and female names (there's also a tool for gender neutral names if that's what you're after). With the save options, you can quickly generate loads of ideas and bookmark them for easy usage later on.

Generate names for your pets

Pets are another wonderful addition to your life and another potential reason for many headaches. Some people prefer naming pets like humans, others prefer more playful names like Rocket or Sergeant Paws. Whichever your preference, you can either try the pet name generator or search the collection of animal name ideas.

Recommended name generator resources

The Story Shack follows in the footsteps of many staples in the name and idea generation world, some of which have been around since the 90s and still keep the lights on to this very day. If you want to explore some of these veterans and in the process discover some more amazing tools, here's a list:

Have fun exploring the site, and enjoy using the random name generators!

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