Nickname Generator – Generate the perfect nickname

Use the nickname generator to create hundreds of names that define your character.

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Why should you use a nickname generator?

A name is a name, but a nickname often tells the real story about a person. With the nickname generator you can discover this story and give real flavor to your character. Optionally plug in a first name you already have to see how well the nickname fits.

See below for some examples of what nicknames might mean, and start generating.

BearStrong, safe
TwitchShaky, nervous
Drama queenOver-sensitive
ShadowSneaky, quiet

What are nicknames all about?

When generating nicknames, it’s important to know your intention first. Do you want to flatter the person, or use the name for humiliation purposes?

Positive nicknames

Nicknames in the positive sense are meant to “claim” your relationship to a person. You admire the bond you have and want to make it clear to your friend and the people around you that this friendship is something special.

Negative nicknames

Not all nicknames are positive. They are also a very useful and effective tool for bullying. A bully will go to great lengths to identify a flaw in a person’s character or appearance, and utilizes this to humiliate his or her victim. The “best” nicknames like this are catchy, allowing them to be picked up easily by others. Before you know it, the name sticks and the victim is stuck with it, being called a hurtful name by people who do not even realise that they’re bullying.

Other uses for nicknames

Nicknames do not always need to be positive or negative. Often, they arise because many other people share the same name, and it makes it easier to identify an individual using a characteristic. In other situations, someone may feel very insecure about their given name, and make up a cool-sounding nickname that replaces it.

Whatever your use case, this nickname generator will surely help you find the inspiration you need.

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