The Crow King of The Junkyard

by Elizabeth Reed & Joey To

We lived in the junkyard after the world ended. The town had emptied, save a few of us who escaped the final judgment. There had been talk among everyone about the Crow King who ruled this junkyard and kept everyone scared straight. I don’t know how someone who was never seen could inspire such fear, …

An Immodest Proposal

by Donal Mahoney & Michael Ilkiw

with apologies to Jonathan Swift The other day I was talking to a neighbor who said he has found a way to help the poor and improve our environment simultaneously. It’s no secret, he said, that we have a dire food shortage among the chronically poor. It’s also no secret, he pointed out, that many of …

Luminous, Passing By

by Georgina Elizabeth Prineppi & Kristy Lankford

I clutched a handful of dewy blades as we sat on the grass in darkness. Anticipation stilled us. In our silence, we studied the sounds of the night: a billowing breeze, the thrum of crickets, whispers through the thready wildflowers. All the lights had been doused, and even the stars had dimmed their radiance, leaving …

A Fairy’s Tale

by Robert Carlysle & Allen Forrest

“I have always felt that the view that I was wicked or bad was unfair. Rather, I would say I was firm, sensitive of my honour if you will. I have never been prepared to accept insults from anyone, no matter how grand they might be. That had given me a certain, shall we say, …

The Tea-Time Visitors

by Cath Barton & Tanvi Chunekar

They were surprise visitors. We rarely had visitors of any kind and the effect on my mother was dramatic. It was as if she woke from a long slumber, with a kiss from a prince. There was, of course, no kissing. That sort of thing didn’t happen in our house. But I suppose even my …

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