Pirate Name Generator

Use the pirate name generator in preparation for your adventure on the vast seas! Once created, don’t forget to try the pirate ship name generator.

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Why should you use a pirate name generator?

One does not simply become a pirate. Becoming a famous pirate is even tougher to achieve, but a good name is the perfect place to start. So try out the pirate name generator and gain access to thousands of possible names that will catapult your pirate to instant fame.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

Example 1Coleridge ‘Timbers’ Jinx
Example 2Zola ‘Parley’ Vance
Example 3Bradburn ‘One Eye’ Swien
Example 4Ana ‘Devil’s Smile’ Lynk

What is a pirate?

A pirate is a person who commits crimes on the open sea (or in the air above it). This trade has been romanticized in a great many works of fiction, including major Hollywood movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean. It has also been the subject of satirical portrayal, e.g. in the very funny Monkey Island video game series by LucasArts.

This pirate name generator focuses on the more comedic portrayal of pirates; some of the suggestions will hopefully make you chuckle.

Historically speaking, piracy was nothing worth romanticizing. Pirates would wage war, plunder, pillage, rape, rob and indulge in a large variety of other — similar or worse — activities. Life as a pirate was a life of hardship, and most didn’t manage to survive this career very long. Three years was considered a very long career. Interestingly, the trade also occasionally attracted wealthy men, such as Major Stede Bonnet, who was a plantation owner. Maybe there was something romantic about it after all.

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