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A fatherless child

The elf spoke in the Sindarin language, uttering words that the girl and her father should not have understood. They rang utterly clear however, perhaps courtesy of some elvish magic. β€œMy people will call your daughter names that I dare not utter. Who knows what they will have in store for the child growing inside her? Better it stays here, where it will be accepted.”

β€œAnd what will you do?” her father countered. β€œYou fathered this child. You brought shame upon my daughter, upon my family! Now you will also leave it to grow up alone?”

The elf’s expression grew grim. β€œMy presence here would only make things worse. It would make our offspring more of an outcast than it will be already. Better I stay away. Your daughter has my affection. Our child has it as well, and I will provide.”

The girl flung herself against him, grabbing him tight, tears streaming down her face. He responded instinctively, holding her tight, deep lines of grief etched into his otherwise smoothly chiseled features.

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