by Les Bohem & Nevena Katalina

Louise sat, having a cappuccino, working on her laptop. She was just thirty, but there was a certain weight to her. The sort of thing that used to be called gravitas. She was engrossed in her work. Maybe that’s why she didn’t notice Matt until he sat down across from her. “I’ll only be a minute,” […]

Mind Freak

by Phil Rossi & Allen Forrest

Once Brendan turned to face the armored patrol, a spotlight shone from the bridge of a crow’s nest. The rays blinded him as the microwaves screamed and shocked, sailing Brendan to the pavement. While the caravan idled at the curb, Brendan remained blacked-out on the sidewalk. A team in riot gear emerged with a gurney and […]


by Fotis Dousos & Michael Ilkiw

Chronicle of prohibition of extreme emotions by Fotis Dousos translation by Ritsa Dritsakou The princess suffered from a rare illness: she should never laugh or she would die from an instant cardiac arrest. For this reason, the King ordered to slay all jesters in the kingdom. In my opinion, though, he should have executed the medics who […]

Harry and Clyde

by W.A. Fix & Nevena Katalina

Launch -20 minutes. “Man, I can’t wait to get going. This is my first trip past the belt. Actually, I’ve never gone beyond the moon. How about you… ahh…what’s your name?” “Clyde Simpson,” said the middle aged man sitting in the pilot’s chair. He continued to compare the ship’s log book to the readings displayed on the […]

The End of the Road

by Peter McMillan & Betsy Streeter

Cliff was on his way home. He’d been on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico for the last six months. He was enjoying the scenery on both sides of the highway. The rolling hills and forests were a welcome change from the derricks stuck like push pins into the vast blue map of […]