The EMTs

by Roy Dorman & Joey To

“It’s out there again,” Steven Alderson said to himself. Steven was looking out his picture window at the ambulance that was once again parked down the block from his house. “It’s like they’re waiting for something to happen to me so they can come to the rescue.” It was 7:00 on Wednesday morning. Steven had first noticed the […]

The Dungeon

by Kali Napier & Michael Paul

Lisa flipped on the switch and blinked as the dungeon flooded with light. The smell clogged her nostrils, musty with a reek of chlorine, and she set the air-con to low. Clear out a few cobwebs, like. She checked her watch. Plenty of time for the room to freshen up. She exhaled with relief, hated […]


by B. Butler & Joey To

A few feet from the doctor’s office, I checked my iPhone. No messages. No excuse or reason to abort the appointment. My heart was racing. Calm, get calm. I looked across the street at the low granite wall that borders Central Park. Leaves fluttered gently in the summer breeze. Under the shade of a huge […]

The Submariner

by Stephen Cooper & Sayantan Halder

It was just a watch. He had to forget about it. Stop ruminating about what’d happened and move on with his damn life already. But he couldn’t. Because each time he passed the storefront to get to his apartment he’d see that damn Sylvio. He tried not looking, just scooting by, opening the door to […]


by Elliott Scott & Michael Ilkiw

On Sunday we wake up and find our bibles, then church lets out and the dogs are dead. The bodies are peppered across the Lowry field like fertilizer for spring prepping. Pastor Clay says something in the name of God, and then he’s shepherding the children back inside the church. The sky is made of […]