Tales that are close to life: this is what typifies the short drama stories genre. Here you will find drama stories that will warm or break your heart. Family, love, life and death, all of these themes are waiting for you here.


by R.E. Hengsterman & Daniele Murtas

Doubt has a subtle way of creeping into one’s subconscious- a skillful saboteur needing only a small crack to thieve ones confidence in buckets. I didn’t plan on starting my day this way; questioning my manhood. I’ve got big plans tonight and no time for doubt. But it’s come to that now; a persistent nagging …

The View

by Thomas McDade & Allen Forrest

At the A&P, a cart flew mysteriously out of kingdom come, dented Anna Crosley’s day-old midnight blue Chrysler convertible, no incline, no breeze. For an encore, she got a ticket while picking up new golf shoes. Thinking how well the shoes–tan with maroon saddles and lace flaps–would go with the madras outfit she’d picked up …

I am He who watches over you

by Zaid Sethi & Joey To

I am He who knows what you did, are doing, and will do. I am not born of myth and legend, nor divine, but born of the mating of you and your desires. I am the master and you are my slave. I love you because you make me strong, and will mourn for you …

A Pint and a Pie

by Philip McCormac & Nevena Katalina

The stranger leaned on the bar and called for a pint and a pie. Billy started the process of pouring the Guinness. He served up the pie along with a bottle of brown sauce. The Guinness took a little longer and while he teased the dark liquor into the glass he watched with some alarm …

No Biggy

by Margaret Ugbo & Michael Paul

“I’ll take them in size nine,” I said. The shop assistant in the origami shirt looked up from where he’d folded himself into a squat. “Are you sure?” He had a lisp. He expected me to go with the size sixes on my feet. From the distance of a stranger he had a point. They …