Tales that are close to life: this is what typifies the short drama stories genre. Here you will find drama stories that will warm or break your heart. Family, love, life and death, all of these themes are waiting for you here.

Rentless Love

by B. Butler & Lakshmy Mathur

A knock on the door. I put down my bowl of oatmeal. Through the glass I saw my neighbor, Cam Farley. “Come on in Cam, get out of the cold.” It was an unusually chilly February morning. The bright sunlight didn’t put a dent on the ground frost. The frozen scrub grass didn’t move in […]

You Bought Me a Plane Ticket to Come Home for Christmas

by Kelsey Holland & Nevena Katalina

My eyes scanned over the time again and again. Boarding was at 7:30. The flight was leaving 7:50. It was 8:04 and reality struck that I missed both. My eyes scanned the night sky as the planes took off, wondering which one I was supposed to be on. My fingers were shaking as I struck […]

Feeling Rain

by Robert Roy Britt & Kristy Lankford

When raindrops fall from a blue sky you know the day is fucked. I needed this hike. And I was starting to feel things. Lungs burning. Legs quivering. Sweat stinging my eyes. Physical sensations only, but something. Now I see it all coming apart. I’ll have to turn back. I don’t know where that will lead, […]


by Eli Epshtein & Daniele Murtas

The crash of the flying octagon artist was awarded with a standing ovation. For a long time, the audience stood and shouted out his name. Some had gone even further and shed a tear or two in light of the extraordinary brilliance they had just witnessed. The flying octagon artist was lying on the cold […]

Glass Eye

by Andrés Felipe Hernández & Sayantan Halder

After all, life gave birth to a glass eye, naming it home… Vacant, full of noise is the Eye, picturing no more than diluted silhouettes painting lips to my soul so the masquerade could imbibe them in a kiss; one red, fresh, one, of my desire becoming the flesh. No more, pictures the Eye, than the […]