Pirate Ship Name Generator

Use the pirate ship name generator to generate thousands of possible names for your next ship. Afterwards, don’t forget to use the pirate crew name generator!


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Why should you use a pirate ship name generator?

Whether you’re playing a round of Puzzle Pirates or getting ready for your next pirate story, a pirate is nowhere without his or her ship. A ship that doesn’t only look fearsome, but which carries a name that instills a deep terror in your enemies. That, or a hearty chuckle, depending on what you’re going for. Writer’s block strikes everyone sooner or later, so use the pirate ship name generator to create thousands of possible names to use, or to simply find some inspiration.

Why do ships have names anyway?

If you’ve run into any kind of seafaring vessel other than a rowing boat, you definitely noticed the name. This is a centuries-old tradition that serves one primary purpose: communication. Especially in the old days, when radio communication between different ships was not possible yet, sailors, dock workers and authorities could only identify friendly and not-so-friendly ships by their unique names.

The practice of naming also serves a secondary purpose. Men (and sometimes women) live on ships for long periods of time. A ship is like home, and attaching a name to it provides a strong emotional bond between its occupants. This rang true in the old seafaring days, and still rings true today.

Traditionally, a ship needs to be named before it is launched. Failing to do so is believed to bring bad luck, an unfortunate thing to carry with you at sea.

Why are ship names often feminine?

Very often you’ll find that ships are named after women. This pirate ship name generator also has a high likelihood of returning female names. Although the origins of this tradition are not 100% clear, most likely early ships were named after goddesses. This belief in divine protection faded over time, and the names shifted to those of important historical female figures and significant women in a captain’s life.