Captain Daddy

by Jen Beaney & Izzy Wingham

James was a Captain in the United States Army, but no war zone could have prepared him for taking care of his three year old son Shawn on his own. James had taken leave from the Army so his wife Jessica could go out of state to care of her sick mother. He was excited …

Postcard for Arizona

by Jeff Burt & Kristy Lankford

Cori stepped into the desert in the winter in Arizona. It was her last day of vacation and everything appeared dead. As she passed a saguaro cactus, she noticed the right spoke pointed toward the earth. She heard a snicker and turned back. The right spoke now pointed skyward. She passed an armadillo. “A large version of …


by Ruth Ann Hixson & Terri Kelleher

Clarence didn’t remember when he first began hearing the voices. He’d been quite small because he’d been hearing them as far back as he could remember. Male and female voices that told him, “Do this; don’t do that.” When he first mentioned it to his mother, he’d been five years old. She told him it …


by Aarushi Gupta & Alankrita Amaya

Heat wave in Delhi was unbearable. Correction, heat wave in any part of the world was unbearable. The persistent, sultry gusts of wind and dust would hit one’s face like inspiration hits a struggling writer — out of the blue, when you’re least expecting it and yet impatiently, desperately awaiting its arrival. It’s only when the storm …


by Rebekka Boyer Bishop & Pam Casey

The valley was old when the rains fell. The waters cut through the soil and the soft sandstone, and the stream was born. Deer and foxes and coyotes and quail lived in the valley. The red man came to hunt them, leaving no trace in their wake. Then the white man came. They took the stones from …

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