What’s Funny?

by Irena Pasvinter & Alankrita Amaya

“How many times have we watched this?” “If you’re so bored, don’t keep me company. Nobody forces you.” “Don’t make this hurt face. I’m not bored. It’s too funny.” “Funny? What do you mean?” “Oh, you know, funny, comical. Especially when you start strangling this shrieking bug-eyed prima donna, it’s absolutely hilarious.” “Comical? So you […]

The Dodecahedron Skirting the Round Hole

by Karen Heslop & Kristy Lankford

Their website said ‘prestigious’ but my mind thought ‘pretentious’. Even as I read the introductory sentences in the ABOUT section of their website, the words were being recited by someone I like to call Mrs.Delatrice Branderbury. Mrs. Branderbury is married to Johnathan Branderbury of the Oxford Branderburys. She is always neatly coiffed, suitably primped and […]

Tight Forty-Five

by Thomas Massari & Michael Paul

“It’s a great release. You know, getting in the gym and exerting your dominance,” said the crimson beauty across the table from me. She sat, legs cross, with a plate of wintergreen lettuce leaves in front of her. “I can only imagine,” I said. We sat in the middle of a compact Italian restaurant, tables nearly bumping […]

Spring Firefighter

by Matthew Pike & Cait Maloney

I crashed into the bedroom door in my alarmed stupor, my head shoved into the arm sleeve of my sweater. Precious seconds melted away as a robotic voice shouted at me from the pager. My hands swept across the wall, searching for the light-switch. It was a house fire. The months of Wednesday nights spent folding […]


by Paul Beckman & Nevena Katalina

We were having a campout in our backyard when the motorcycle gang showed up. They weren’t really riding motorcycles and I’m not sure they were a gang either. They were a handful of codgers, three riding mopeds and two on Vespas with one in a golf cart. They had codger uniforms; hush puppies, flannel shirts, pants […]