Tight Forty-Five

by Thomas Massari & Michael Paul

“It’s a great release. You know, getting in the gym and exerting your dominance,” said the crimson beauty across the table from me. She sat, legs cross, with a plate of wintergreen lettuce leaves in front of her. “I can only imagine,” I said. We sat in the middle of a compact Italian restaurant, tables nearly bumping […]

Spring Firefighter

by Matthew Pike & Cait Maloney

I crashed into the bedroom door in my alarmed stupor, my head shoved into the arm sleeve of my sweater. Precious seconds melted away as a robotic voice shouted at me from the pager. My hands swept across the wall, searching for the light-switch. It was a house fire. The months of Wednesday nights spent folding […]


by Paul Beckman & Nevena Katalina

We were having a campout in our backyard when the motorcycle gang showed up. They weren’t really riding motorcycles and I’m not sure they were a gang either. They were a handful of codgers, three riding mopeds and two on Vespas with one in a golf cart. They had codger uniforms; hush puppies, flannel shirts, pants […]

Chicken Breast and Rump Roast

by Donal Mahoney & Kristy Lankford

Freddie and Fern were an old couple, a very old couple if truth be told, but on the matter of age, the truth seldom surfaced. Their kids were grown and gone and had families of their own. All of them lived in different cities and two of them had even asked their parents to sell […]


by Zach Walchuk & Monica Johnson

It was just after noon when I arrived back from the grocery store. In each arm I carried a canvas bag weighed down with vegetables and canned goods. I put both bags in one hand while I fished the keys from my pocket, and with one smooth motion I unlocked and opened the front door. I […]