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Gamer - a short story

Static swam in the television screen, the low hiss a constant thrum in Freddy’s ears. A discarded console box lay at his feet, cables plugged in, controller resting in his sweaty palms, thumb hovering over the small button carrying the logo. This was it. After a long childhood of being denied the foray into other worlds, Freddy had moved out of his parents’ place and scrounged together the cash to buy a gaming system. His first title: an online RPG with a user base of millions, notorious for sucking in all who laid their hands on it. Is that why he hesitated?

His pocket held a small note reading the gamertags of his best friends. Kixsuru, Shabbyzo, Smashknight, all minor staples in the local gaming community. They had been so excited at the prospect of seeing him in-game, even accompanying him to the store and congratulating him on the purchase. All three were at home now, anxiously waiting for Freddy to log in and show him around. They had a whole afternoon and evening of activities planned, set on power leveling Freddy’s avatar to a point where they could go raiding together.

Freddy closed his eyes. He took a deep breath. Now or never.

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