Nevena Katalina

Nevena Katalina is a master degree graphic designer/illustrator currently based in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can find her at

Stories illustrated by Nevena Katalina


Written by Lee DeAmali

Despite this being summer, the walnut trees dotting the old farmhouse property were dead. Skeletal branches reached up and drooped down in nature’s mournful display that this was poison land where nothing worthwhile could grow. Jenna was sitting on the porch to catch her breath, devise a plan for how to navigate the inherited property she …

Harry and Clyde

Written by W.A. Fix

Launch -20 minutes. “Man, I can’t wait to get going. This is my first trip past the belt. Actually, I’ve never gone beyond the moon. How about you… ahh…what’s your name?” “Clyde Simpson,” said the middle aged man sitting in the pilot’s chair. He continued to compare the ship’s log book to the readings displayed on the …

Conscience As Wide As Hell

Written by Kim Farleigh

I heard swerrrackkk; then white light, roaring orange flash. I remember the chopper’s wop wop wop, the desert flashing below. The pain, aching up through my right leg, flowed into my stomach, like sickly fluid flowing into a cesspool. Then cushioning morphine’s timeless bubble, detached self floating inside a floating chopper. I woke up in hospital. …

Banana Slugs

Written by Melanie Boeckmann

Along the coastal trail Benjamin never hesitates or second guesses. The smell of cat piss precedes the signs: “Watch out! Cougars!” I shudder. I was raised on deer and rolled up hedgehogs. Benjamin barely slips. “Keep close,” I whisper behind him, so that he won’t hear. We tumble over pebbles in the sand. “Watch your …

The Paranoid Husband

Written by Rebecca Harrison

At the end of a narrow pathway, a husband and wife lived in a squat cottage. The husband sat through night hours watching his wife dream. He wished to keep her from the world outside their door. While she weaved tapestries in the village, he walked fields, snatching her reflection from puddles and coins. He …