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Sasha the Shapeshifting Cat

Bacil Donovan Warren | James Brown

Once, there was a cat named Sasha. Sasha was an indoor cat. Sasha’s human didn’t let Sasha out. He said it was too dangerous outside for Sasha.

But Sasha could see all the birds and lizards outside. They were all having fun! Sasha wanted to romp and play with the other animals.

One night, Sasha decided to find a way to go outside. He thought and thought. After a long time, Sasha realized that if he could just change his shape, he could go outside and play! So Sasha thought about playing with the lizards. He thought about it so hard, he changed shape into a lizard!

“Now I can go outside and play with the other lizards!” Sasha thought.

Sasha went to the front door, and realized he couldn’t just go through a closed door. So he thought some more.

“I know! I’ll change into a giraffe, stick my head out the window, and open the door!”

That didn’t work either. So Sasha thought about other animals that might be able to go through the door. He thought about a horse, and changed into a horse! But a horse can’t open doors either. Neither could a crab, nor a spider.

Sasha was very cross. He sat and thought very hard, and finally it hit him!

“I’ll change shape into a boy! A boy has hands with thumbs and can open doors!”

So Sasha thought about being a little boy, and poof he changed into one! Then he quietly opened the door and walked outside.

Sasha was very happy to be outside. He could hear the birds, and see the lizards…

Whoosh and he could hear the car rush by! Sasha wasn’t paying attention and almost walked into the street! He was very scared! Sasha backed away from the street, right into a fence…where a very big dog started bark bark bark-ing! Sasha was scared and ran back to his front door.

But the door was locked! Sasha was very frightened. He couldn’t just knock on the door, because his human didn’t know he had changed shape! Then Sasha remembered he was a shapeshifting cat, and changed shape back into a cat. He started meowing very loudly, and his human came to the door and let him back in.

Sasha was very happy to be inside, and curled up in a sunbeam and fell asleep.

About Bacil Donovan Warren

Bacil Donovan Warren got his start writing poetry for competitions in 1994, and has been writing since. He currently works as a Paramedic in Tucson, AZ, where he lives.

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