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The Angel Watches

Christina C. Franklin | Terri Kelleher

Buzz, click; buzz, click.
The machines hum in rhythm.

Outside — noise, hustle, bustle.
The elevator chimes its greeting.

Inside the room there’s quiet talk.
Some laughter, some tears, some silent nods.

A gentle breeze brushes your cheek.
But fear not.

Only love surrounds you.
The angel watches.

She’s behind you.
Her wings gently envelop your shoulders.

Many souls, both present and past, gather to encircle your bed.
You’re in good company.

Peace and love engulf you.
Like a favorite warm blanket.

Her wing brushes your cheek once again.
As she departs to oversee from a distance.

Darkness falls.
Visitors depart.

Sleep well my love.
Tomorrow is another journey.

Fear not.
The angel watches.

Your ship’s next voyage,
Will be on calm, turquoise waters.

This story was written for Christina’s husband’s family, when their beloved grandfather passed away.

About Christina C. Franklin

Having never lost her passion for writing, Christina Franklin always found ways to flex her creative muscle by writing website content, newsletters and business litigation blogs during her 20+ year career as either a legal and/or executive assistant. A reader of many genres and an incurable fan of the heat miser and snow miser, on a typical day, Christina can be found sitting under a pile of black and white fur in the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, while attempting to pen her first novel. Currently, several of her short stories can be found on The Story Shack.

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