Chris Salis

Chris Salis was a bright young thing. He chewed his way through his school as his thirst for knowledge was insatiable. Studious Chris was fit for bursting, with a massive belly-full of learning.

By twenty-one he had gnawed his way through people and positions. Until the Peter Principle threw him up, all fat bellied at the top of his game.

But as his gut grew fatter, his friends grew thinner.

His weight and bank balance grew heavy. Undeterred by critical whispers, Mr. Salis’s drive to consume did not slow. He knew that all this consumption would pay off.

As Chris Salis climbed ladders, his fat belly and short legs pulled him down. His eyes began to smart as his vision failed.

Mr. Salis’s skin grew thick and crusty. He had a strange desire to crawl into a dark place and just hang there.

Chris Salis had finally lost his appetite.

No-one noticed as he crept away. Chris was not missed from the world.

The time of the metamorphosis was near. The years of over-zealous consumption of things, people and learning had finally come to fruition. His arms and legs grew stiff, his body tired. Chris found a place where others were hanging out and fell into a long sleep.

He remained still for many months. People say he slept for a whole winter.

As the days grew warmer, something stirred deep inside of Chris Salis. His thick skin began to crawl.

To the right of him, and to the left of him, beautiful winged creatures emerged.

But something was eating at Chris Salis.

Things were not going to plan.

Parasites had invaded. The munching continued for several days until his crispy skin grew quite transparent.

Chris Salis was empty.

Chris Salis was gone.

About Sal Jennings

Sal Jennings is an ex-nurse and life coach now living in Swindon.

>> Sal Jennings's author page

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