Crime writer’s book sales soar after husband slain like twisted plot

It was a long shot; but Muriel could never feel safe now. Not unless… facing the good detective, her nerves jangled. She wished he would finish his coffee and just say ‘yes’.

“What exactly did your husband say?” the officer asked.

She glanced out the window and let the sun dazzle her blackened lashes.

“You’re finished!” is what he said.

Days before Derek had smiled lovingly as Muriel dialled her publisher – her great crime thriller was written, finally. The officer didn’t like it one bit. But 10,000 in any currency was a big number. And those eyes…they spoke volumes.

About Rajendra Shepherd

Rajendra Shepherd is a writer, journalist and artist who works at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine. His published works include La haine de la diablesse, The Ambassadors’ Wives, Of Thosalus born and the audio story Emily’s Keeper. His short story collection We’ll always have tea & other stories is available on Amazon.

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