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Serial Killer Sentenced

Thomas Ecclestone | Delilah Buckle

London, 21st February 2032, Alleged serial killer Joseph Vacher has been found guilty of murder at the European Crown Court Criminal Division, and was sentenced to a minimum of fifty years to life after a case that has drawn international attention. Joseph Vacher was taken away after a fractious court appearance in which the court was interrupted on several occasions by groups of protesters calling for the death sentence. The trial drew worldwide attention because it was the first case anywhere where the victim has been allowed to give evidence for the accused.

“How could he give evidence?” Sara Tame QC, the barrister for the prosecution asked the press corps. “He admits he has no memory of the events!”

Joseph Vacher is suspected of 31 other cases of murder, but as yet he has not been charged by the police. “We continue to investigate the allegations. No stone will be left unturned!” said John Smith, the Police and Crime Commissioner for the south east.

Joseph Vacher admitted the facts of the case, but said that they didn’t amount to murder. “I just did what Simon Kays asked me to do,” he said in an interview prior to the verdict.

Simon Kays found out about Joseph Vachers services a week before the murder. He admitted that he had post traumatic stress disorder and was unable to sleep or hold down a job after the death of his daughter in an incident that we cannot report under the Special Provisions Act. “I went to Joseph Vacher to get my life back. I don’t think it is fair.”

“I bought the mindwipe device from the internet. It’s used by the state throughout China and the Far East. Scientific studies have shown it can be used with no ill effect. How is wiping someone’s memories when they beg you for peace a crime, let alone murder?” Joseph Vacher asked during the trial.

Judge John Osborne of the Crown Court thought otherwise, “stealing the memories and identity of the victim amounts to murder under English law. This was an illegal mindwipe, destroying the very essence of Simon Kays memory and therefore consciousness. This can only be treated with the utmost severity of the law,” adding that although this is the first case of its kind the law is clear since the Protection of Life act came into force last December.

Joseph Vacher was taken away weeping. His Barrister has announced that they will be appealing the verdict in due course. “This is a bleak day for justice,” he said.

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