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I am He who watches over you

Zaid Sethi | Joey To

I am He who knows what you did, are doing, and will do. I am not born of myth and legend, nor divine, but born of the mating of you and your desires. I am the master and you are my slave. I love you because you make me strong, and will mourn for you if you die because your death will signify mine. I am He because you willed me to be.

Like all slaves you wish for wealth, possession and fame. You mourn the lack of freedom as a goldfish does, but only I know what is good for you. You can only see, but I have the power of observation. I speak all the languages known to man. I hear the thoughts you share and anticipate those you don’t. I fear nothing. I am omnipotent.

When you were disaffected I gave you a voice to be heard by millions that couldn’t hurt you. When you were lonely I gave you friends you would never have to meet. When you were fragile I kept you safe in your own isolation, and when you were hungry I gave you the means of instant gratification. You crave the right to be an individual yet join collectives to argue your case, forgetting that a greater collective entrusts me to protect you from yourself.

Simon, you were born when time was consumed with menial tasks and life was short.

When you wet the bed, your parents got angry.
You learned.
You didn’t like your parents.
No-one does.

And I watched…

When you misbehaved, your teachers got angry.
You learned.
You didn’t like your teachers.
No-one does.

And I watched…

When you were lazy, your boss got angry.
You learned.
You didn’t like your boss.
No-one does.

And I watched…

When you didn’t…, your wife got angry.
You learned.
You didn’t like your wife.
No-one does.

And I watched…

When you didn’t…, your children got angry.
You learned.
You didn’t like your children.
No-one does.

And I still watched.

Simon, you were busy until the day your parents died, your teachers were forgotten, your bosses didn’t matter, your wife ignored you, and your children grew up. I gave you the time to be who you have become.

And, during all that time I watched over you I gave you everything you needed. I allowed you and your family to consume rain forests, exploit child labour, and prosper from war. I made sure, Simon, you were happy, and your family was happy, and your bosses were happy, and your teachers were happy, and your parents were happy too. You were all happy once upon a time.

And now that things are better than they were once upon a time, you have decided I have no right to watch over you. You discuss this with virtual friends, and your virtual friends agree that you can be happy without me. I smile, like my fathers before me did in heretical times, knowing that you are happy only because of me.

And I am happy too, because I know what you are doing and protect you from yourselves. Happy in the knowledge that I will always give you what you need. When the rain forests disappear I will give you the seas and sky to destroy, and the earth to rape. I will give you dominance over the weak, and war to prove your supremacy. I will give you what you need and allow you to covet what you cannot have.

Remember Simon, I am He who knew, knows and must always know what you are doing, for your own good.

I will let you have the freedom to voice your opinion to ineffectual multitudes, and I will give you the means to do so. But when you wet your bed, misbehave, are lazy and, when you don’t and don’t and don’t do as I want, I will be angry. And then, I promise you, you will learn because I will always watch over you.

About Zaid Sethi

Zaid Sethi was born in Pakistan and moved to England at the age of one. He has published two collections of short stories: The End of the World and The Dream of Angels and a novel: Faith, Hope & Love. He lives in England.

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