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The Story of How the Dragon Got Its Scales

Feather Blue | Hong Rui Choo

There once was a young, lone wolf with bright blue eyes named Daniel. He often lay under the stars thinking about the big, mysterious world out there, longing to explore it. However he had become mixed up with an evil wolf pack, which influenced his every move, ensuring that every time he thought of escape there was someone lurking in the nearby distance that would hold him back.

Nevertheless one day he made the decision that he was done with the home he was so familiar with and so he packed his bags and headed for the ocean. He crossed many seas and came across many interesting characters along his journey.

Despite meeting all these fantastic characters he still insisted he was a lone wolf and would succumb into his familiar hole in the ground every night. He was still confused about who he was and where he truly belonged. He had attempted to fit into many niches but inside his head, he always felt there was something missing.

After traveling for some time, he decided to set up his life in a magical kingdom, which apart from the always-encompassing grey clouds over the castles was a wonderful place to live. He thought perhaps this is where he would find his wolf pack.

Time went on and as Daniel become accustomed to life here, he was contacted by a fellow young vixen from back home who invited him to come to a gathering out in the desert. This was no ordinary gathering though, but rather a festival of all sorts of magic, drawing in all kinds of creatures from all over the world.

Daniel arrived at this gathering with an inquisitive flair, as never before had he been exposed to a carnival of this sort. At first he was slightly over-whelmed, but by the second day he had removed his claws and was stomping in the dust, becoming one with so many others on the dance floor.

By the conclusion of the third day, great changes had come over Daniel. Some of his fur had begun to shed and in its place large, beautiful scales, varying in shades of bronze, gold, silver and turquoise had begun to grow. (Some even say that if you look at Daniel in a particular light at a particular time of the day his scales become the color of sunset.)

At first Daniel was slightly susceptible to the change as he was confused by the changes in his body and couldn’t comprehend what it meant. However, surprisingly though, he was not scared. He was aware that something big was happening, and although he wasn’t sure what it was, he was sure that it could only lead to good things. As the scales began to shine brighter and his fur began to shed at an even faster rate, his eyes sparkled with a new light that had not been there before.

It was at the conclusion of the fourth day, at the time when the day is at the beautiful stillness that is neither day or night, that very moment, just as the sun has set, some call it twilight, others call it the magic moment, but for Daniel, this moment would always be known to him, as the moment of Discovery.

He was roving the field, vibing in ways that he had mastered over the last few days (he had been taught by a wise, magical fairy…but that’s another story!) when his trusty friend Alfred, a wise snake from the dream time, who had taken quite a liking to Daniel whispered in his ear ‘Daniel welcome to the Doof’. And it was then that he finally knew, he had found his fellow members, found a pack, where he truly belonged, and it was with the fellow Doof Dragons that Daniel soared to new heights, discovering things that only Dragons can, and as he flew into the sky, he never once looked back at the four-legged creatures he had left behind.

About Feather Blue

Dusty (Feather Blue) is a creative writer who draws on anecdotal experiences to create short pieces of fiction and prose. She is also a world traveller who hopes to one day be a travel writer. Currently living in Istanbul you can see more of her writing here She would love to hear any responses to this story, or if you have a project or request for her (mainly in writing, but really it's ok in any creative field) you can reach her by e-mail.

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