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Vanessa K. Eccles | Nazareth Horner

No, Rowena is like a rose. She is beautiful and smells of sin, but her thorns cut deep. Just as a rose, you can look, but you can’t touch. She will sting you. Her crimson hair radiates in the sunlight, her perfected body is illuminated by clothing, and her sensual nature surrounds me when I see her. She fills entire rooms with that sweet smell of Rosemary. She causes lapses of breath. Fantasies envelop me. She is a remarkable creature.

I haven’t figured out if she’s of God or the Devil. I see her praying fervidly, but that rosary wrapped around her delicate wrist does nothing to ward off evil. For me, she is just as a land waiting to be captured, a people waiting to be ruled over, and a woman begging for a master. Yes, that pure façade is not fooling me. She will no doubt be the end of me.

A mere servant, you say? No, a servant wouldn’t have cool eyes of fire. A servant couldn’t have such passion and intensity as Rowena does. Men kneel to her in complete surrender of her beauty. No mere servant is capable of such.

I have a theory, though. She is a creature, not a woman. A fairy, perhaps? Or, maybe an angelic being? Could it be that she is a Greek goddess reincarnate? Perhaps, she is just a fiend sensually dressed to capture me? I don’t know. All I do know is that she is destined to meet with my surrender.

About Vanessa K. Eccles

Vanessa K. Eccles is the founder and executive editor at Belle Reve Literary Journal. She has an English degree from Troy University, and her work has been published by Deep South Magazine, Suite T (a blog by Southern Writer's Magazine), and Wisdom Crieth Without. She is the author of Psalms of Me and Collecting Light and is currently working on a YA novel.

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