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Trevor Jones | Hong Rui Choo

Ever noticed how small words have distinct personalities? Words like YET are full of promise …we’re not there YET … but we will arrive; there is no cure YET… just live a little longer. So supportive!

Then there’s AND, what a pleasant chap. Nothing too much trouble. I’ll shop AND collect the Kids; dinner was fabulous AND that dessert- magic; Merry Christmas AND Happy New Year.

What a helpful word.

Which brings us to BUT; the most spiteful and dream shattering word you can use.

You have the winning Lotto numbers BUT… forgot to buy a ticket. Your application was great BUT… somebody else got the job.

I really love you BUT… Often followed by — we’ve had some great times BUT… I need space.

A sentence leading to filled suitcases, exchange of house keys, and heartache. Oh, and lots ofempty space.

Still, it can lead to eating takeaways any time, AND watching sport on Saturday AND staying late for another beer AND not having to shop for Christmas AND…

Great word AND.

Trouble is, after I weigh it all up, the freedom, space, extra money, it all sounds good


I still miss her like hell.

About Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones started writing at school and was hooked. Essays, creative ramblings and love letters. He thinks the letters got the best reviews! After a -very - long intermission, he is trying to get that buzz back. Never published, but occasionally encouraged.

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