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Image for The Weight of Reveries

The Weight of Reveries

Hunter Ambong | Sayantan Halder

When I was younger, I didn’t believe in limitations.
I only imagined unfathomable possibilities.

When I “grew-up”, I was ironically brought down to Earth.
Shown where the boundaries lie,
Where the mysteries end,
When our dreams should disperse.

Robbed of curiosity,
Comfortable with the results,
We stop looking for the answers to our questions.
We start believing them,
And we repeat them to ourselves until they become truth.

Then one day,
It’s there.

Out of the darkness,
A spark,
A light bulb,
A single key is played,
Followed by another.

Until you start to notice a pattern, a rhythmic euphoria.
What began as one key, transforms into a note,
So forth, until the melody is formed.
It rises and settles, alternating like the Sun and Moon,
Days pass, then weeks to months, to years,
Memories begin to enter our thoughts,
Like bubbles popping,
Each one carrying a single memory,

Each one lasting a life-time.

The tarmac at the Airport,
The face of a passenger in a car going an opposite direction,
A picture of mountains,
That tree in my dreams,
The crying faces, and tear filled eyes,
Even the smiling faces, which are too many to count.
Each one of equal worth,
But not of equal importance,
For some gravitate closer to the heart.

And others are kept from the light,

Thrown away and discarded,
As actions of our faults.

Seemingly perpetual,
But brief to the eyes.
It’s absent from stagnation,
Or running the risk of becoming stale,
From continuous repetition.

We accept it,
Because we see it ourselves;
The limitations.
The myriad possibilities and results,
Constrained to a single outcome;
A one way trip.

Like fireworks in the summer time.
Screaming on the way up,
Then exploding with a bang.

Followed by an infinite silence,
Never to be repeated.

Do we eventually realize the beauty of it.

About Hunter Ambong

Hunter Ambong is an average guy going through life, jotting down and defining the experiences in a day, conversations with strangers, and the accumulation of the abstract feelings that come with living only once.

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