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Leap of Faith

Faye Godwin | Grace Gao

There are moments in life when everything is on the brink of change and even though that change has been longed for it still scares the hell out of you. That is where Samantha is at right now, she stands on the precipice of all that she has wished for yet she is terrified. Staring out across the familiar skyline so bleak and grey she wraps the cardigan she wears tightly around her, the sunshine yellow wool so soft and warm. She had chosen to wear that colour today as it had matched her mood, the sun had shone so bright earlier as it had done every morning these past few months. The vivid blue skies that had become familiar, filling her with much hope and promise for the future. As always by the afternoon the skies would change but today the dark clouds that were moving ever closer brought with them a colder chill than she was used to.

She had never felt she had a choice before, always settling for the familiar and making the best of it. But things were different now, she had finally realised she did have a choice. A chance for a new beginning with a man that truly loved her but it required a huge leap of faith on her part. For months now she had been trying to gain the courage to take it. He is a kind man, gentle and reliable and has promised to take good care of her. She knows it is risky to believe such things, after all that is what Joe had told her when they had met and look at them now. She does know though that this new relationship will not destroy her, she will remain intact, unlike her relationship of four years with Joe which has been slowly having the opposite effect. She reaches inside her cardigan to where a gold crucifix hangs, it had belonged to her Mother. She does not remember much about her Mother, she was very young when she died but she does recall that she would always wear the crucifix around her neck. She squeezes it tightly, gaining comfort and strength from it. Closing her eyes she takes in a huge breath, filling her lungs with the cool invigorating air. Her face has a look of contentment, she has made her choice.


Police can confirm the body of the girl dredged up last week by local fisherman was that of 19 year old Samantha Kerr from Brixham, Devon. Sergeant Greg Martin gave a brief statement saying ‘We can confirm that she had been badly beaten and that she was four months pregnant. She was wearing a satchel bag containing a bible and a used pregnancy test. Her boyfriend Joe Stokes, aged 32, a well known drug dealer in the Brixham area is currently being held for questioning. We can confirm that he was picked up by Officers in the early hours of yesterday morning from the flat he had shared with Samantha’. Mr Stokes has denied any involvement in Samantha’s death and is said to be distraught as they had been looking forward to becoming parents. There is speculation though by local residents that when the Officers arrived they found him naked with two girls aged 15 and that all were under the influence of drugs. The Police when asked to deny or confirm this refused to give any comment.

About Faye Godwin

Faye Godwin is a self taught (and still learning) graphic designer / illustrator who has an interest in writing and photography. She does these things for her own amusement and sometimes for money which is great as it pays for her coffee and cake addiction. She is currently based in Gloucestershire, England where she shares a home with a mini beast aka her daughter Miss L.

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