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The Scene

Joey To | Joey To

As a police detective, Jake had seen some horrific injuries and fatalities but nothing looked this warped. Ever.

“We’re lucky more people weren’t hurt,” said the paramedic as he shut the ambulance door. “Who’s the suspect anyway?”

Jake nodded at the man who was secured in the corner. “I was called so it must be the one who attempted escape last month.”

“Ah, one of those classic ongoing cases,” mumbled the paramedic, trying to wipe his uniform covered with… a lot of stuff.

Jake strode over to the suspect. “Grandpa, don’t ever put firecrackers in others’ birthday cakes again.”

About Joey To

Joey To wasn't a very good writer at school. However, he was always the creative type, mostly into visual arts. In recent years, he developed a penchant for writing, partly to amuse himself. Over time, he was told his writing 'wasn't that bad' and so he made various submissions. His stories have been shortlisted on Needle In The Hay and published on Free Flash Fiction.

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