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Broken Glass

Randy L. White | Hong Rui Choo

After reading the many heroic adventures of the Invincible Eagle Man, I decided to fly down to my friend Steve’s house on my bike. Naturally, he had gone to the dentist.

Retreating to my bike at the curb, I watched a little girl — no more than five years old, long blond hair, and wearing a dull, blue dress. She bent down and grabbed something sharp. The bright autumn sun gleamed off the shard of glass in her hand.

“Hey, watch out!” I yelled, flying down to her rescue.

The little girl looked up at me running toward her and turned away.

“Be careful!” I shouted. Hopping over the broken remains of a soda bottle, I grabbed at the shard of glass, and it sliced into my thumb just above the knuckle; blood showered the leaves along the curb.

“Wow!” the little girl gasped. She dropped the broken glass and ran away.

“Ouch!” I cried painfully, dropping my shoulders, disappointed because Eagle Man never felt such defeat.

About Randy L. White

Randy Lee White graduated from UNC Charlotte with a Masters in English in 2007. His fiction has appeared in Bartleby Snopes, Stories from Alfie Dog Fiction, and Sanskrit. His news articles have appeared in The University Times and The Fall Survivor Guide for New Students at UNC Charlotte.

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