Puppy’s Multiple Homes

Puppy was as little as a puppy could be when he moved for the first time. He watched as they packed up his bag with his toys and blanket.

When Puppy arrived at his new home he was shook a little. He didn’t know anyone and felt sad.

A girl named Faith began taking him for walks, filled his bowl full with food, and cuddled with him.

Puppy was getting used to living in his new home and soon loved Faith. He did not feel sad anymore.

One day Puppy found Faith crying. Puppy went over and licked Faith. The last time Puppy heard someone crying was when they packed up his bag and put him in the car.

The next day Puppy woke to see his toys and blanket being put into his bag. Puppy hid behind Faith, shaking. He didn’t want to leave. He loved Faith very much.

Yet Puppy was put into a car and watched as his house disappeared.

The ride seemed to take forever. Puppy arrived at a new home. It was much bigger than the last one; this made him even more scared than before.

Puppy missed Faith and hid in the corner until a boy named Ross came over and gave him a treat. Puppy was still scared, but took it anyway. He was not about to turn down a treat.

Puppy loved playing ball in the backyard with Ross, although he still missed Faith, he liked his new home.

One day Puppy noticed Ross packing his bags. Was Ross moving to a new home? Then he noticed Ross was packing Puppy’s bag too. In went his toys and blanket. Was Ross taking Puppy with him?

The next day Puppy went outside with Ross. Ross kissed Puppy on his head and got in a car and drove off. Then someone put Puppy in a car, and again he watched as his house disappeared.

Puppy whimpered and yelped out the window of the car. He didn’t want to move anymore.

Arriving at a new place, Puppy noticed something different. A smell. A puppy smell, but not his! And before Puppy knew what was happening he was greeted by another puppy.

He was rather happy to see someone just like him. This made him excited and puppy barked with joy.

“Come on Mack, let’s go play outside!” a lady said, patting the other puppy on his head.

Mack must be the other puppy’s name, he thought.

“Come on Jack, let’s go play outside!” a man said, patting Puppy on the head.

Jack must be my name, he thought with excitement!

Jack ran outside and played with his new friend Mack. And although he missed Faith and Ross, Jack was happy to have a special friend just like him.

As time went on Jack and Mack became best friends. Jack was not scared or worried anymore, he was happy. Jack finally found a home where he never had to worry about his bag being packed, ever again.

About Savannah Hendricks

Savannah Hendricks was once a nanny, among other exhausting jobs. She holds a degree in early childhood education and criminal justice. Her stories have been included in Highlights High Five, Stories for Children Magazine, Hollins, and Reunions. Currently she is shopping around her middle-grade novel and picture book.

>> Savannah Hendricks's author page

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