Mike S. Young

Mike S. Young is an illustrator who has illustrated various stories on Story Shack. Find more of his work on http://www.mikesyoung.com/

Stories illustrated by Mike S. Young

You Read About Local Politics and Hate the Sox

Written by Ben White

I’ve been taking pictures of all the places I used to see you before we met. I am reconstructing our narrative. It starts with us in a Starbucks. I saw you frowning over the news while I waited for my drink. You tossed the paper on the table, shook your head and left, popping the …

Seventeen Year Itch

Written by Donal Mahoney

Marcia was 17 the first time thousands of locusts rose from the fields of her father’s farm and filled the air, sounding like zithers unable to stop. Her father was angry but Marcia loved the music the locusts made. She was in high school then and chose to make locusts the focus of her senior paper. …

The Blinds

Written by George Sparling

After work, ever since he recently bought the house, Mercer always sat in front of the window at evening twilight, viewing the passing neighborhood scene through Venetian blinds. The former tenants left the blinds behind. Mercer hadn’t wanted passersby to think he spied on them or was voyeuristic. Mercer called what happened special effects when …

The Scar

Written by Javon Paris

I perched in the jagged scar of Hangman’s cliff, like a rickety nest built out of bones and cotton. No one that I’d known had been hanged there, but pah had said a raper was flung over the cliff back when he grew up. The sun struck the silver speckled deep blue, painting a field of …

Soldier | Part One

Written by Carla Dow

The women stand either side of the metal barrier, the mottled curved steel shines dimly under the bright lights of the airport lounge. Charlotte blinks and looks again across the space at her sister; a sister she didn’t know she had until a month ago. Alessandra mirrors the movement of her unknown sibling taking in …

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