Mark Reihill

Mark Reihill is a freelance illustrator who has worked with clients ranging from Coca Cola to Empire Magazine. His digital design style is unique.

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Stories illustrated by Mark Reihill


Written by Brian Dodge

“You ready to go?” It’s with sodden hands and soaked-through boots that he climbs into the back of the faded old pickup. Red paint’s peeling off everywhere, but he barely cares. Bullet holes and scattershot clusters show every few feet, but he still loves his ride. Despite the shattered world and slightly shattered rear-view mirror, it …

Movin to the Moon

Written by Carolyn Foulkes

Hey Diary, I knew it would be that kinda day. I got laid off from Tastee Dogs and asked my boss, “R u gonna pay me in hotdogs or cash?” Hes got recession obsession, u know. Wonder how come I never hear about gruntled employees. And who has been dissing them anyhow? Still mad too at …

When You See God, Keep Your Hands Off His Face

Written by Brian Moore

To the eye of a visitor in those parts, the gloom outside threatened rain. I know, because I was a visitor in those parts, and when I looked out the window, I saw rain. I turned away from the window. “Okay guys — guys? Hey! We launch as soon as the glue dries, and not a …

The Night Bus Doesn’t Stop Downtown

Written by K.C. Ball

Morgan woke to the weary shoosh of airbrakes. The bus jittered as its engine died. Cold glass pressed hard and slick to Morgan’s cheek. Blackness lay beyond the window. Someone shifted in the seat beside him. A man pushed in tight to peer out the window. He stunk of onions and cheap aftershave. “See them?” he asked. “Who?” …

Busking Diaries

Written by Lauren Vander Baaren

I don’t know who I’m writing this to. If you read this, well, you must be worth a couple pages of paper. I’m sitting on the corner of — no wait — nope, now I’m standing on the corner of 16th and Blake. The police man, in his most official police voice, informed me of the …