Jordan Wester

Jordan Wester’s art explores humanity’s connection to nature in a world that repeatedly tries to damage it.

In her artwork she uses pencil, watercolor, Photoshop, gouache, acrylic and soft sculpture.

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Stories illustrated by Jordan Wester

Handle with Care

Written by Kristina England

Jacob stood in a line of men. Apparently, they had all read the same ad. “Seeking a single man between the ages of 30 and 35 to deliver a fragile package. Must show extreme dedication and patience.” Okay, Jacob hadn’t read the ad himself. Most young people read their news online and were desensitized by marketing ploys …

A Cry For Attention

Written by Debbie Lechtman

When Sibley died, they said it was a cry for attention. I hear them say it, and in my head, I mock them, because I know that they are so right and so wrong. So right and so wrong — it’s a peculiar inconsistency. But it’s there, and it’s true. They are so right and so …

Chip in the Handle

Written by Ann Huchingson

Mama never came back to finish her coffee. It just sat there on the counter, the cup all fogged up and warm. Half full. Like it was waiting for someone to come on back and finish it up. It was the cup with the red and yellow daisies on it — the one with the …

Warm Smoke in November

Written by Luis Ham

It had to happen. Eventually, it had to happen. You knew it, and I knew it, and last week it finally did. You made it seem so easy, so flawless, so… perfect. I do hope it was easier for you than it’s being for me. You were always so scared of that moment, but when …

Cloudy Skies Burned Clear

Written by Jon Svec

Rain cascaded from a black-but-not-dark sky, swarming our collective mass. It came out of nowhere — a clear day melted, dusked — darkness shrouded the gathering clouds. Drops fell cold, sapped her remaining heat until cheeks shone white and glowed with reflections of the dazzling facade — the moon echoing the sun. I cradled her …

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