Allen Forrest

Stories illustrated by Allen Forrest

So Long as I have Yesterday

Written by Markus Jones

After, when she’s lit a cigarette, and they share it, the backs of her knees are warm. “This’ll be my last night. She laughs. Her laugh is used up, throaty. She says, “This isn’t your last night.” “It is. I almost didn’t come.” “You always come.” Her fingers trace the skin at the curve of his hip. Marvelous. The …

Coincidence or Retaliation?

Written by Paul Beckman

I was snooping through my wife’s closet in between football games while she was away trying to connect with her family at one of their, “Tell us how you feel about that,” reunions, when I found something tucked away in a shoebox under a pair of sequined high heels. Her family has a mutant psychology gene …

And It Was All Terrible, in the End

Written by Miles Varana

Kaia grows up writing. She goes from writing about her parents to writing about breakups to writing about feminism to writing about the people who ride public buses to writing about divorce. After that she writes nothing, because she’s dead. It doesn’t matter how. Kaia grows up wealthy, but she doesn’t stay that way, because …

Dear Principal Chen

Written by James E. Guin

Dear Parents of the Cherokee County School District, Below I have pasted an email I sent to my son’s principal, MS Chen, Median Street Middle School. I am sharing it with you, because I am afraid for our children’s future. Principal Chen has not responded. I have withdrawn my son, Jerry, from school. To: Chen, Julie …

Midnight Labor

Written by Rob Santana

Just an hour ago Derek’s wife Candy felt normal, her arm snaked under his on the sofa as they watched CNN. Now she was seated next to him in his silver Honda, her head lolling, her eyes shut tight, her teeth clenched when she wasn’t blowing out pockets of air. “Candy? Just hang in there, baby.” …

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