Story submissions

The Story Shack is currently CLOSED to submission of short stories. It is not clear yet if and when the submissions will open again.

Please be sure to properly edit your short story and read the guidelines before you submit. Only a low volume of stories will be selected, so the more polished your work, the higher the chance that it will make the cut.


  • Story Length: 1.000 words or less.
  • Language: English
  • Genres: All except for erotic, heavy language and excessive gore.
  • Payment: None as of yet. You will however receive the opportunity to work with an illustrator, and your work will be promoted upon publication.
  • Rights: Only the right to publish your submitted story on Story Shack, which means:
    • Once on
    • Additional rights may be requested, such as inclusion in Shackcast or an anthology.
  • Biography: You will receive the opportunity to present a short, end-of-story biography.

Format (Important!)

  • Please only submit plain text. This is how you do that:
    1. Copy your complete story from the text editor of your choice into Notepad (Windows) or TextEdit (Mac). This will strip your text of all formatting.
    2. Create non-indented block paragraphs. Block paragraphs have an empty line between them.
    3. Done? Great! All that’s left is the following:
      • Place the words and sentences that need to be italic in between _s (underscores), like this: _Example_.
      • Place the words and sentences that need to be bold in between **s (double asterisks), like this: **Example**.
      • When using dialogue, please place it in between double quotes (“Example”). Single quotes are fine anywhere else.
  • Copy your beautiful plainly formatted text in the submission box below.

Taking these steps truly saves me heaps of tedious formatting when preparing your story for publication, so I highly appreciate you taking the effort to do this.

Submit your short story

Accepted or not, you will receive a response. In case of a rejection, this is most of the time a (politely) written standard response. I would love to provide everyone with detailed feedback, but unfortunately lack the time for it. If you still haven’t heard back after 12 weeks, please get in touch. Most likely your submission got lost.

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