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A town in flames

The villagers ran as fast as they could, leaving behind the inferno that had already consumed so many of their friends and families. Not many had seen the globe of fire that had descended upon the town, but those who had were either dead or sat by the roadside with their hands up, babbling as if possessed in some speech that sounded demonic.

“It’s the end of days!” one woman screamed. Her hair and clothes were scorched away, leaving her burned body for all to see. No one noticed. Everyone was focused on one thing: reach the safe darkness of the woods.

A scream pierced the night and forced all to silence. Even the flames ceased their roaring. And then it emerged, a massive charred body lined with the glow of magma, spiked wings unfolding, claws sharp enough to rend a boar and a face full of hate.

The forest would offer no refuge.

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