Cait Maloney

Cait Maloney was a breech baby raised by monkeys and ordained at an early age with a passion for carbohydrates and visual communication. She now spends her days doing a job she loves and sweating to death in Columbia, SC.

Her work has been used for books, magazines, websites, technical/conceptual drawings, logos, marketing/advertising, signs, posters, packaging, apparel, portraits, album art, tattoos, and has also been featured in several art exhibitions.

Some of Cait Maloney’s clients include Diesel Fragrance, PGA Junior League Golf, TD Bank, Designers Against Child Slavery, and NY Spirit Magazine/The Park Slope Reader.

Until age 24 she thought that the crust really was the healthiest part of the bread. She tries to match her underwear every day. She doesn’t believe in dishwashers for in-home use. And she can’t burp voluntarily… or whistle.

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Stories illustrated by Cait Maloney

Spring Firefighter

Written by Matthew Pike

I crashed into the bedroom door in my alarmed stupor, my head shoved into the arm sleeve of my sweater. Precious seconds melted away as a robotic voice shouted at me from the pager. My hands swept across the wall, searching for the light-switch. It was a house fire. The months of Wednesday nights spent folding […]

Kassidy’s Roof

Written by Sandra Arnold

From Kassidy’s roof we can see right over the golden domes and green and blue minarets, pink apartment blocks and new shopping malls, all the way down to the sea, which lies as flat and polished as a sheet of turquoise glass. “Try this bread,” says Kassidy. “It’s that new bakery. The manager was a student […]


Written by Teddy Kimathi

My wife of three years left me when she realized she couldn’t stop me from smoking. She hated the smoke that came out of the cigarettes. Over and over she reminded me that cigarette smoke reminded her of her abusive father, and abused mother, but my ears were shut to her pleas. “Too much cigarette smoke […]

Lawyers, Car Dealers, and other Whores

Written by Gary Ives

“Stop clenching your jaw. Don’t grind your teeth, my dear,” Brantley snapped. “Screw you, Brantley. You’re my divorce lawyer not my orthodontist.” “Quite right, my dear Lola, and as such I am bound by oath to advise. Clenching one’s jaw and grinding one’s teeth is bad form in open court. It shows a want of control and […]

Different Worlds

Written by A.A. Trivedi

He lived in the sea, and I on land. When he ventured into my world I always knew he was different. He didn’t mention that he was merely a tourist where I dwelled. His cool skin tone matched his demeanor and as I got to know him, I looked upon his quirky nature to be […]