Cait Maloney

Cait Maloney was a breech baby raised by monkeys and ordained at an early age with a passion for carbohydrates and visual communication. She now spends her days doing a job she loves and sweating to death in Columbia, SC.

Her work has been used for books, magazines, websites, technical/conceptual drawings, logos, marketing/advertising, signs, posters, packaging, apparel, portraits, album art, tattoos, and has also been featured in several art exhibitions.

Some of Cait Maloney’s clients include Diesel Fragrance, PGA Junior League Golf, TD Bank, Designers Against Child Slavery, and NY Spirit Magazine/The Park Slope Reader.

Until age 24 she thought that the crust really was the healthiest part of the bread. She tries to match her underwear every day. She doesn’t believe in dishwashers for in-home use. And she can’t burp voluntarily… or whistle.

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