Kristy Lankford

Kristy Lankford paints in ink, acrylic, gouache and watercolor. Her illustrations can be found in children’s stories, commissioned wedding paintings, surface designs, still lifes, calligraphy and more.

Kristy does her art in the Washington, D.C. area and also teaches. She studied studio art and illustration at Boston College and later went on to earn her M.F.A. from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

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Stories illustrated by Kristy Lankford

The Dodecahedron Skirting the Round Hole

Written by Karen Heslop

Their website said ‘prestigious’ but my mind thought ‘pretentious’. Even as I read the introductory sentences in the ABOUT section of their website, the words were being recited by someone I like to call Mrs.Delatrice Branderbury. Mrs. Branderbury is married to Johnathan Branderbury of the Oxford Branderburys. She is always neatly coiffed, suitably primped and …

Feeling Rain

Written by Robert Roy Britt

When raindrops fall from a blue sky you know the day is fucked. I needed this hike. And I was starting to feel things. Lungs burning. Legs quivering. Sweat stinging my eyes. Physical sensations only, but something. Now I see it all coming apart. I’ll have to turn back. I don’t know where that will lead, …

Two Minute Emotional Whirlwind

Written by Anna Lisa Chan

She is wearing a satiny dress colored in the very lightest of blues, and she looks stunning, absolutely stunning. The dress pulls the blue from her eyes, and its sheen plays beautifully on her lightly tanned skin. To add insult to my injury, she has the thick, flowing, naturally curly hair I’ve always wanted. The …

Chicken Breast and Rump Roast

Written by Donal Mahoney

Freddie and Fern were an old couple, a very old couple if truth be told, but on the matter of age, the truth seldom surfaced. Their kids were grown and gone and had families of their own. All of them lived in different cities and two of them had even asked their parents to sell …

Luminous, Passing By

Written by Georgina Elizabeth Prineppi

I clutched a handful of dewy blades as we sat on the grass in darkness. Anticipation stilled us. In our silence, we studied the sounds of the night: a billowing breeze, the thrum of crickets, whispers through the thready wildflowers. All the lights had been doused, and even the stars had dimmed their radiance, leaving …

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