Terri Kelleher

Terri Kelleher is an illustrator who has created art for flash fiction on Story Shack. Find more of Terri Kelleher’s work on http://www.terrikelleher.com

Stories illustrated by Terri Kelleher

Choose Me

Written by Brianna Davis

“How long did you think I would wait?” Lauren snapped. “Sorry, Cheryl made me read the kids a bedtime story,” Patrick replied as he got into the car. “We need to stop sneaking around like this,” Lauren said. “I mean, it’s almost 9, and your wife thinks you’re out picking up papers to grade. How long do …

A Burned Image

Written by Spencer Richard

Having the final word was what it took. Seven glasses of that good cab gave her purple-tinged teeth and complemented a perfect sense of satisfaction. To see him speechless in the rear view mirror, crumpling his shoulders in slow motion, a convulsion in reverse almost — the man was unbelieving and devastated. Her father, a …

The Feather Palace

Written by Rebecca Harrison

High on the winds, a princess lived in a palace of feathers. She watched the world from her window in the skies. While the seas below were dark with rains, she skimmed bright cloud tops. She floated through blue dusks alongside bats and birds. In fast winds, the night cities were flurries of street lamps …

The King of the World

Written by Fanni Sütő

The King of the World was sitting on his throne and looked at his subjects with boredom and something which might have been anger. Three velvet cushions were piled up under his royal backside so that he was tall enough to look his admirers in the eye. Why were these unusual measures necessary, you might …

Under Cover

Written by Maria Nestorides

This was going to be a gruesomely long two weeks, Michael thought, as a flyer with ‘Party Tonight!’ was thrust into his face by one of the scantily dressed women on the square. This was most definitely not what he’d signed up for when he agreed to come on a two-week trip to Athens with …

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