Joey To

Joey To was born in Hong Kong but nicked off to Australia (Os-tray-ar) way before the commies took over. Anyway, as soon as he was old enough to pick up drawing utensils, he got to work. Joey then realized that the world was unhelpful to those who aspired to an artistic vocation.

Disillusioned and convinced he was born 500 years too late, Joey To resigned with spiteful bitterness to conquer another area of study but practiced various forms of visual arts in his own time. So no, he’s not a professional illustrator. And he also tries to write a little.

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Stories illustrated by Joey To


Written by Richard Read Oyama

Crystal’s day was going terrible. That morning she and her mother met with the people at Welfare so her check wouldn’t be cut. She met with another representative in New Mexico Human Services so they could issue her an EBT card for emergency food stamps. She was squatting against the fake marble pillar in front …

The World’s First Intervention

Written by Lee Blevins

When the rest of the men in the tribe returned to the camp, they found Ruckruck sitting in front of the fire. The women sat further back and, although they were busy sorting the fruits and berries, they were suspiciously slow about it. The old ones had the children sequestered safely in the cave. The …

I am He who watches over you

Written by Zaid Sethi

I am He who knows what you did, are doing, and will do. I am not born of myth and legend, nor divine, but born of the mating of you and your desires. I am the master and you are my slave. I love you because you make me strong, and will mourn for you …

The EMTs

Written by Roy Dorman

“It’s out there again,” Steven Alderson said to himself. Steven was looking out his picture window at the ambulance that was once again parked down the block from his house. “It’s like they’re waiting for something to happen to me so they can come to the rescue.” It was 7:00 on Wednesday morning. Steven had first noticed the …

The Crow King of The Junkyard

Written by Elizabeth Reed

We lived in the junkyard after the world ended. The town had emptied, save a few of us who escaped the final judgment. There had been talk among everyone about the Crow King who ruled this junkyard and kept everyone scared straight. I don’t know how someone who was never seen could inspire such fear, …

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