Daniele Murtas

Daniele Murtas was born and raised on the forgotten island of Sardinia, Italy.

At a young age, he developed an obsessive interest in horror and science-fiction magazines (which he hid between school books). Out of boredom Daniele started drawing offensive caricatures of teachers and neighbors. But driven by critical feedback and the fear of getting beaten, he switched to safer subject matter.

Nowadays his work includes, illustrations for various old-fashioned fanzines, concert posters for local bands and even a design for a tattoo.

Daniele Murtas also writes and draws wacky comics, and is currently infesting an old apartment in Berlin.

Come visit him here: http://dmurtas.blogspot.com.

Stories illustrated by Daniele Murtas


Written by R.E. Hengsterman

Doubt has a subtle way of creeping into one’s subconscious- a skillful saboteur needing only a small crack to thieve ones confidence in buckets. I didn’t plan on starting my day this way; questioning my manhood. I’ve got big plans tonight and no time for doubt. But it’s come to that now; a persistent nagging …

Follow Focus

Written by Wayne Rapp

The cinematographer brought key crew members with him from New York, but he lost his first assistant camera yesterday in an accident. I’m the replacement the local film board sent out. He’s stuck with me. “All I need you to do is pull focus,” the guy tells me. “I’ve already built the camera.” No ‘How …

There is Something Going On

Written by Ashton Stevens

This is a work of fiction. Any events or persons depicted do not reflect reality. Please note that neither The Story Shack as a publication nor any of the editors and illustrators representing it have any professional interest in the political discussions surrounding this theme. The story is presented as it is: an enjoyable work …


Written by Eli Epshtein

The crash of the flying octagon artist was awarded with a standing ovation. For a long time, the audience stood and shouted out his name. Some had gone even further and shed a tear or two in light of the extraordinary brilliance they had just witnessed. The flying octagon artist was lying on the cold …


Written by Paul Beckman

Don’t wait. Do it now. You might not be able to do it later. You never know. Take your time. Think about the consequences first. You can always come back and do it later. My parents gave me conflicting advice over the years and now I’m conflicted. I haven’t seen them in the two years they’ve …

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