Joey To

Joey To wasn’t a very good writer at school. However, he was always the creative type, mostly into visual arts. In recent years, he developed a penchant for writing, partly to amuse himself. Over time, he was told his writing ‘wasn’t that bad’ and so he made various submissions. His stories have been shortlisted on Needle In The Hay and published on Free Flash Fiction.

Stories by Joey To


Illustrated by Hong Rui Choo

The raindrops streak and split across the window, softening what little sunlight there is. I feel like yawning but I don’t. I also feel like shutting my eyes. I don’t do that either. The rhythmic clanking of the carriage thumping over the rails acts as a lullaby and an alarm clock simultaneously… I fix my […]

The Scene

Illustrated by Joey To

As a police detective, Jake had seen some horrific injuries and fatalities but nothing looked this warped. Ever. “We’re lucky more people weren’t hurt,” said the paramedic as he shut the ambulance door. “Who’s the suspect anyway?” Jake nodded at the man who was secured in the corner. “I was called so it must be the one […]


Illustrated by Joey To

From: To: Subject: noise 19:52:02 04-Apr-2013 Hey Harry, Did you hear anything strange in the apartment before you left? I got home to cook dinner at about 5pm and you were already gone. Janet — From: To: Subject: RE: noise 20:34:41 04-Apr-2013 Sorry Janet, I wanted to get an early start on my cases. I […]

Prudence Demands…

Illustrated by Mike S. Young

The cute blond chick was walking alone. It was only six o’clock but it was dark enough. Brad stalked her, although not too closely. She turned left at the next street, glanced behind her and saw him but it didn’t matter. When the blond rushed toward the phone booth just up ahead, Brad ran too. And […]


Illustrated by Jessica Wilson

Kasey could barely keep his eyes open but he was determined. The dark purple moon was setting and it was the first time he got the chance to see it. It had been a month since he arrived on R-718 and it had been a cloudy day and night. In fact, it felt like years […]