Hannah Nolan

Hannah Nolan is an illustrator from Ireland and teaches international primary school. She currently lives in Baku, Azerbaijan, and has resided in Prague, Long Island, Dublin and Madrid.

In her last year of university, Hannah Nolan specialized in Visual Arts for children, a specialization she uses each day in the classroom.

Find more of Hannah’s work on http://hannahnolanillustrator.com/

Stories illustrated by Hannah Nolan

They Know Your Face

Written by Russ Bickerstaff

It seems almost hostile. It seems kind of militant. They want to make you feel special. It’s almost…passive-aggressive in its approach, but I don’t think that much is intended. And I don’t know why. It does make you wonder. I think they’re operating on some kind of stereotype about a critic’s ego or something. Any …

A Veiled Lady

Written by Susan Carey

“We’ve got another one.” The museum warden said. Herr Engel glanced at his Rolex. “It’s only twelve and this is the second today!” “What shall I do with her?” “I’m coming down.” Why do they phone me every time, Herr Engel thought. This had not been on his list of duties when he applied for the job of curator …

A Ride For Family

Written by Rachel Israel

I would need to get a new air freshener. The smell of my Uncle’s cigarettes left a smell in my car that never seemed to go away. The Cavalier didn’t have air so during the summer I had to open the windows, but somehow the smell still stayed in the car. “When did you get a …

The Others

Written by Susan D. Harper

The world is full of sinners. Eunice shook her head at the television newsman. Cocking her head to one side, she turned towards the staircase, listening. He was whimpering. She turned back towards the kitchen and caught her reflection in the kitchen mirror. Her hair needed a rinse. “I am beautiful in the eyes of the …

Parking Lot Superhero

Written by Luanne Castle

My friend Barb and I trotted our way through drizzling rain in the barely-lit parking lot with our jackets bunched up around our heads. As we climbed into the car, I locked it from habit. Just then the car rattled and I glanced out the window, expecting a wind storm. Several guys were shaking my father’s …

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