Feather Blue

Dusty (Feather Blue) is a creative writer who draws on anecdotal experiences to create short pieces of fiction and prose. She is also a world traveller who hopes to one day be a travel writer. Currently living in Istanbul you can see more of her writing here www.featherisflying.net. She would love to hear any responses to this story, or if you have a project or request for her (mainly in writing, but really it’s ok in any creative field) you can reach her by e-mail.

Stories by Feather Blue

The Story of How the Dragon Got Its Scales

Illustrated by Hong Rui Choo

There once was a young, lone wolf with bright blue eyes named Daniel. He often lay under the stars thinking about the big, mysterious world out there, longing to explore it. However he had become mixed up with an evil wolf pack, which influenced his every move, ensuring that every time he thought of escape …

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