Trevor Jones

Trevor Jones started writing at school and was hooked. Essays, creative ramblings and love letters. He thinks the letters got the best reviews! After a -very – long intermission, he is trying to get that buzz back. Never published, but occasionally encouraged.

Stories by Trevor Jones

Bloody Revenge

Illustrated by Joe Zabel

Blood everywhere. Cascading down the walls in a crimson arc, hanging from the ceiling in globs. Gory stalactites dripping on my face, sticky, warm, comforting. Blood coated hands, the long knife still clutched tightly. The puddle on the floor oozes from the partially severed head like lava from an angry volcano. I survey it all, savoring the warm glow …


Illustrated by Sayantan Halder

This house is full of ghosts. I can almost see them in the corners, vague shapes just out of focus, troubling but in some ways reassuring. A constant. It’s worse when they come out of hiding. Too clear, too vivid, too real. Looking straight at me from those blue eyes, giving that flick of the hair …


Illustrated by Hong Rui Choo

Ever noticed how small words have distinct personalities? Words like YET are full of promise …we’re not there YET … but we will arrive; there is no cure YET… just live a little longer. So supportive! Then there’s AND, what a pleasant chap. Nothing too much trouble. I’ll shop AND collect the Kids; dinner was fabulous …

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