Grace Gao

Grace Gao is an illustrator who has illustrated short stories for Story Shack. Find even more of her work on

Stories illustrated by Grace Gao

The Number Reader

Written by Gianni Skaragas

His father called him strange. He did not like his son’s Greek name. He was afraid that as king Oedipus had killed his father, the boy would bring disaster on his career. Each time he tried to understand his extraordinary answers, he looked like a benevolent giant. He looked at Oedipus the way a giant would …

Meandering in Silence

Written by Christina C. Franklin

Have you ever listened to silence? We all know someone who says, “I have to have noise! If it’s too quiet, it drives me crazy.” Or perhaps it is you who feels this way. But have you ever truly listened to silence? If you have, you know it’s not quiet at all. Have you ever heard snow …


Written by Sandy Hoffman

I was nothing before I met Tim. Tim had shyness about him that you wouldn’t expect from someone so tall. I would see him in the halls at school, never minding all the girls gawking at his good looks. To me, he was pretty average looking, but had the most wonderful smile. I always wondered …

Steak for Tuff

Written by E.N. Heim

It happened one summer. I got down to the pier at four in the morning, so I could get an early start. I wanted to get a place on a bench, up near the end of the pier. I figured my chances of getting bigger fish would be in my favor. This also was the …


Written by Francis Guenette

“Come on, Bella, move your butt. You need this walk more than I do.” Allie gently pushed the old dog’s front leg as she pulled on her coat and swung open the back door. “That’s it girl … once you get moving you’ll be fine.” Never again, Allie thought, as she and Bella began their walk …

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