Gary Ives

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Lives in: Newton County, Arkansas

Gary Ives has roamed around plenty, having lived in Iceland, Viet Nam and Peru. Before settling down to become an apple grower he has been active as a sailor, senior chief yeoman, USN and high school English/History teacher.

In a world that’s turning mean and crazy, growing apples and writing in the Ozarks is a good place to be. Gary loves a good story so he reads and he writes. Even if no one read his stories he’d still write, but it’s nice to know that once in a while someone else digs what he’s written. Moreover Gary’s constantly delighted by others’ stories.

Short stories by Gary Ives

Illustration for author Gary Ives' flash fiction 'Lawyers, Car Dealers, and other Whores' by illustrator Cait Maloney

Lawyers, Car Dealers, and other Whores

“Stop clenching your jaw. Don’t grind your teeth, my dear,” Brantley snapped. “Screw you, Brantley. You’re my divorce lawyer not my orthodontist.”


Illustration for Gary Ives' 'Jack and Jill' by Cait Maloney

Jack and Jill

Jill was pissed. Jack had moved cattle into the pasture just below the doublewide she rented from the old cowboy. Nell sat at the kitchen table and listened to Jill on the phone trying keep her voi…


Illustration for Gary Ives' 'Mr. Peanut Takes a Bride' by Cait Maloney

Mr. Peanut Takes a Bride

By ten o’clock most of the guests were seated in the church although the wedding wasn’t scheduled to begin until eleven when Barbie would wed Mister Peanut. This was the event of the se…


Gary Ives | Read flash fiction 'Clown Relief and Aid Providers' Illustration by Cait Maloney

Clown Relief and Aid Providers

“Then if there’s no more old business. Before we get to new business, I know there’s lots of you clowns upset about the recent bank robberies. QUIET DOWN, dammit! Everyone’l…


Gary Ives | Read flash fiction 'Happy Valentines, Ringo Starr' Illustration by Cait Maloney

Happy Valentines, Ringo Starr

In 1964 I was stationed aboard the minesweeper USS FISHCATCHER. On our return from a training cruise in the Caribbean we had a much anticipated port visit in Ft. Lauderdale. My girlfriend Frieda, t…


Gary Ives | Read flash fiction 'Yard Dogs' Illustration by Joe Zabel

Yard Dogs

Haymore, lissen. You hear me? This here is the onliest phone call I kin have. Whaddisit you want now, Rhonda Jo? $400. I’m in the fuckin’ lock up, Haymore. Two deputies …


Gary Ives | Read flash fiction 'A Hog's Heart' Illustration by Cait Maloney

A Hog's Heart

Paco fumbled with the orange package of ramen noodles. These boogers were tough to open sober, never mind drunk. Besides, he felt like shit.Wobbling under the dim overhead kitchen light he braced h…


Gary Ives | Read flash fiction 'Pedicab' Illustration by Cait Maloney


I won’t tell you in which city the events in this story occurred. It was Christmas time, someplace far away, okay? You’ll understand. Call me Andy. I’m a 23 year old healthy dude …


Gary Ives | Read flash fiction 'Jeopardy Double' Illustration by Cait Maloney

Jeopardy Double

Six years ago the Jeopardy bus came to the Gulf Coast. Jerry, my identical twin, drove over and spent the day at the Holiday Inn in Mobile taking written tests and competing with a herd of other ne…


Gary Ives | Read flash fiction 'Through the Storm' Illustration by Mike S. Young

Through the Storm

Just before sunset she smelled the coming rain and pedaled faster. Eleven kilometers more to the British camp at Lac du Nord; she was going to get wet. The officer had written the message on his ca…


Gary Ives | Read flash fiction 'Angry Women Museum' Illustration by Cait Maloney

Angry Women Museum

Jenny, my sister, and I in the back seat of dad’s old Jeep Cherokee had been quiet across the entire state of Missouri. It was hot as hell and the Cherokee had no air conditioning. Dad had pr…


Gary Ives | Read flash fiction 'Señorita, Oh Señorita' Illustration by Cait Maloney

Señorita, Oh Señorita

Standing in the middle of the Tres Estrellas Bus Terminal in Matamoros, Tina clenched her jaws. She was so pissed. For starters Roberto, the dude she’d come with for a supposedly really cool …