Jordan Wester

Jordan Wester’s art explores humanity’s connection to nature in a world that repeatedly tries to damage it.

In her artwork she uses pencil, watercolor, Photoshop, gouache, acrylic and soft sculpture.

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Stories illustrated by Jordan Wester

The First of the Year

Written by Donal Mahoney

Anyone who has had poetry published by an editor over the years has a relationship with that editor whether one knows it or not. Sometimes the relationship is lukewarm, other times bordering on friendship, occasionally deep. Over time, writer and the editor notice mannerisms in each other that are often never discussed since these insights have …

In the Dark

Written by April Winters

George, the older gentleman in the Armani overcoat, cashmere muffler draped around his collar, rests his head in his hand. He’s on the late-night train to Chicago, days earlier than expected, after spending a week in business deals with hard-nosed competitors. There was a time when coldblooded decisions thrilled, invigorated; now they cause physical pain. …

The Kickball Game

Written by Sara Jacobelli

In our neighborhood, kickball was king. This was before video games, cable TV, home computers, iPhones, iPads, cell phones. We had TV but it was nothing but Divorce Court and soap operas in the daytime, what my grandmother called, her “Stories.” The good stuff was on at night, like Star Trek and Garrison’s Gorillas. We played …

Prom Night

Written by Townsend Walker

The band was playing Good Night Sweetheart. The Prom for the Class of ‘54 was winding down. I slipped behind the wall formed by the folded-up bleachers. Through the cracks I could take in the scene: sparkly reflecting lights and bouquets of pink carnations. So this is what it was like, or might have been, …

The Search for Terry Brown

Written by Lela Marie De La Garza

“Miss Brown is doing quite well, all things considered.” Doctor Abram’s voice was professionally reassuring. “Of course, a broken hip at ninety three is quite serious. I know you two are responsible for her being here. How are you related to her?” Bobby and Julie looked at each other. “We aren’t,” Bobby answered. “She’s our tenant.” “I …

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