Jessica Wilson

Jessica Wilson graduated from the University of Lincoln with an Animation degree. She is specialized in a wide range of skills, including illustration, digital artwork and background design.

Jessica is interested in mixing digital artwork and digital media, in order to create animated movies. She would like to use live footage merged with matte paintings to create new landscapes.

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Stories illustrated by Jessica Wilson

King of the Mountain

Written by Keith Beard

They rolled down the hill over and over again, making whoa sounds until they halted in thick plush grass still wet from the morning. Mary Ann giggled and kicked her feet in the air like a turned over turtle while Oscar laid on his stomach panting. At the top of the hill was Jerry dancing …

Technical Support

Written by Erin Cairns

Cabin boy Heimun-Vhi swung down the ladders of Eden’s exoskeleton, heading for the main crosswalk. Chief Engineering officer Cheney hadn’t been at his usual post and the Captain had threatened him with a skinning if the entire prime crew didn’t gather in the Belly immediately ten minutes ago. This wasn’t technically part of Heimun’s duties, but …

The Wolves are Howling in the Darkness (The Darkness is Hungry at the Door)

Written by Timothy Furgal

“Thomas, I hear them.” At last. Thomas lifted his head. He heard them now, still far off — not as far away as he wished they would be. Sitting on the edge of his bed, he began to lace up his boots. Each movement was deliberate, threading the eyelets with an exactingly swift grace. He focused on …

When Mikey Stole Melissa

Written by Tamsin Hopkins

It was when my mum left that the trouble started. I knew mum and dad were making each other sad. Phoebe at school said she knew when her mum and dad didn’t love each other too, and that’s what I knew. I think my brother Mikey and I had known for ages, we just didn’t …


Written by Joey To

Kasey could barely keep his eyes open but he was determined. The dark purple moon was setting and it was the first time he got the chance to see it. It had been a month since he arrived on R-718 and it had been a cloudy day and night. In fact, it felt like years …

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