Allen Forrest

Stories illustrated by Allen Forrest

The Exhibit

Written by Genelle Chaconas

You and I go to this exclusive show at the museum. One interactive exhibit is a camera which will age your image by fifty years. It costs five nonrefundable dollars. It looks like a photo booth narrower than a confessional. I didn’t want to try it but go first. I demand your five dollars, which […]

How Wars Begin

Written by Kim Farleigh

Victor’s back was against the sofa’s backrest, his feet flat on the floor, his knees bent, his hands on his lap, the epitome of well-educated patience, his mother’s eyes stunned with pride: Victor usually didn’t show mature enthusiasm. Had his attitude changed? The teacher knew this was impossible. But the mother dreamed. The teacher’s indifference towards Victor […]

Mind Freak

Written by Phil Rossi

Once Brendan turned to face the armored patrol, a spotlight shone from the bridge of a crow’s nest. The rays blinded him as the microwaves screamed and shocked, sailing Brendan to the pavement. While the caravan idled at the curb, Brendan remained blacked-out on the sidewalk. A team in riot gear emerged with a gurney and […]

A Fairy’s Tale

Written by Robert Carlysle

“I have always felt that the view that I was wicked or bad was unfair. Rather, I would say I was firm, sensitive of my honour if you will. I have never been prepared to accept insults from anyone, no matter how grand they might be. That had given me a certain, shall we say, […]

So Long as I have Yesterday

Written by Markus Jones

After, when she’s lit a cigarette, and they share it, the backs of her knees are warm. “This’ll be my last night. She laughs. Her laugh is used up, throaty. She says, “This isn’t your last night.” “It is. I almost didn’t come.” “You always come.” Her fingers trace the skin at the curve of his hip. Marvelous. The […]