Alberta Torres

Alberta Torres is an Italian freelance illustrator and motion graphics designer based in London.

She’s been holding a pencil in her hand since before she can even remember: she made her first understandable drawing at the age of 18 months. It was a Santa Claus’ face – upside down!

As motion designer Alberta Torres worked with some of the leading animation studios in East London and as illustrator she exhibited in Italy and in the UK.

She is available for commissions. To see her work visit her blog or her website

Stories illustrated by Alberta Torres

First Date

Written by Dave Novak

Time was not coming through for Steven. Time — that very same thing that Steven worked so diligently to manage, to sculpt into well segmented and fully accountable blocks, and with such a responsible balance of deference and compliance. It was time that let Steven down the most. It was time that burst past its duly …

McNicholson’s 14th Annual Cider-Bean Festival and Dance Off

Written by Andrew Calin

“Well I love Anibel JoDon Gracie Cotton and there ain’t a yellow sided flog wagon in all of Pritchard County gonna change that! She is mine!” Old Rancid Winters knew his beloved and naive daughter Gretchen wasn’t of the right mind with her hopeless devotion to that oddity Anibel JoDon. She was out the door though; …

And Jimmy will go to sleep in his own little room again

Written by Michael Ellman

“Jimmy,” they asked. Doctors and nurses never used last names, sitting erect in their metal folding chairs in a semi-circle around him in the conservatory, the latter so named because of the two dead ficus plants drooping in opposite corners. The shatterproof-glass of the conservatory’s windows that shaded the light into drops of rainbows overlooked …

The Lion of Abilene

Written by Erich Earl Forschler

As seen from the balcony the ocean was every bit a living, breathing thing. The rain created a haze above the land that stretched out beyond the beach and over the ocean, eventually swallowing the living, breathing thing into an indiscernible grey smear. The beach was empty of people or birds. The weather had reduced …

Just One More Time

Written by Ruth Ann Hixson

I worked at Ocean View Nursing Home and was intrigued by a ninety-two-year-old man named Kenneth Thomas. He was a veteran of World War II and had a private room overlooking the beach. On his night table was a small black and white photograph of a young woman holding a small boy. That morning I got …

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