Alankrita Amaya

Alankrita is an illustrator, designer and children’s book writer. Growing up, she loved picture books and one day decided that telling a story through pictures was something she’d quite like to do for a living. Today, it doesn’t feel like a job to her at all.

She enjoys playing with colours and styles which form a huge part in deriving the personalities and moods of her characters. In her attempt to bring magical worlds to life, she hopes to always keep the child within her alive.

Delve into her colourful world at:

Stories illustrated by Alankrita Amaya

In the Evening

Written by Zachary Wiser

In early evening when the sun shows its first signs of mercy she arrives home. The front door is unlocked, the lights are off yet sunlight floods the front room through the open windows. She kicks off her shoes at the front door and strides with the familiarity of decades across the floor, warm from …

The Morning After

Written by A.L. Yoder

My breath caught as she stood, morning sunlight streaming through the windows. Her back was a masterpiece. In last night’s rush and sweaty mess, I hadn’t really looked at it. “Good morning,” I whispered, standing up and pressing my body against hers. She stiffened as I kissed the turquoise and purple feathers fanning out against …

What’s Funny?

Written by Irena Pasvinter

“How many times have we watched this?” “If you’re so bored, don’t keep me company. Nobody forces you.” “Don’t make this hurt face. I’m not bored. It’s too funny.” “Funny? What do you mean?” “Oh, you know, funny, comical. Especially when you start strangling this shrieking bug-eyed prima donna, it’s absolutely hilarious.” “Comical? So you …

A New Life

Written by Hannah Milev

She slammed the door shut on her old life. Her house – no, her parents’ house – receded into the distance until the car turned a corner and it disappeared from sight altogether. There was a strange, empty feeling inside her. Sadness? No, she was not sad. She would miss her parents, her sisters — …

The Rings

Written by Sarah Guppy

Morag knew she’d meet him again somehow when she re-found the ring buried in her sock drawer. There it is, the silver and glass gleaming in her palm reminding her of the love declared and lost long ago on mid summer’s night within the Lochbuie Stone Circle. Her souvenir and gift shop Cornucopia along Tobermory …

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